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My Purpose

I have always had an art studio - it's just usually been so small and a designated corner of the house or living space. For this reason, I call my space the Pseudo Studio. Now that I have a studio, I still call it the Pseudo Studio as I am constantly asking myself the questions "who am I and what is art?" My goal is to explore my boundaries and express myself as an artist in ways that show a play on color, space and perspective. 


My Medium

I enjoy working with plaster, acrylics and epoxy. I use board, stretched canvas, paper and tape, screen, fencing - whatever I can get my hands on to build the perspective. 


My Inspiration

I think about art all the time, constantly dreaming up new perspectives. I love working with oysters and marine life. I also  love birds, insects, plants and wildlife. Energy is also a big inspiration to me - I try to tap into it as often as possible and hope it shows in my work. LOVE. LIVE. ART. PROSPER. HARMONY.

More Stuff


All Art is for Sale - Maybe

If you see a piece you are interested in please drop me a line. I can also make pieces to spec for you with the colors you like or a particular size.

Upcoming Events

My next big event will be Open Studios in Rockland, MA  at the Sandpaper Factory! Great for the whole family so come on down! Date will be posted soon - in April!

Big News

The big news is I am now on my way to brining my art to my favorite US city, New Orleans, LA! I have a studio with my good friend Jenny and cannot wait to get down there!!

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Thank you for reaching out! I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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